Backup Server crash on Red Hat Linux AS 4
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2009-11-12 15:32:06 UTC
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Backup server crashed this morning while running a load with
the following error:

Nov 12 06:30:09 2009: Open Server Session Fatal Error:
16009.15.1: Can't create server process for 'a makecontext()
based ' process
Nov 12 06:30:09 2009: Open Server OS Error 5.0.0: Operating
system error: 5 - Input/output error

Was able to restart it without any issues. Have never seen
this before. Was wondering if any one could point to what
might have been the issue since it seems to be indicating
some kind of O/S error as well.

Backup Server version:Backup Server/15.0.3/EBF 16737
ESD#2/Linux AMD Opteron/Enterprise
Linux/ase1503/3116/64-bit/OPT/Sat Jul 25 23:44:16 2009
Neal Stack [Sybase]
2009-11-12 18:15:45 UTC
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Was there a core file created? One should have been created
if the user who starts the Backup Server has their "ulimit"
coredumpsize set to unlimited:
% ulimit -a
time(seconds) unlimited
file(blocks) unlimited
data(kbytes) unlimited
stack(kbytes) 8192
coredump(blocks) unlimited

If so, can you get a stack trace:
% gdb $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/bin/backupserver core.<pid#>
(gdb) thread apply all where

If not, the Operating System error number 5 means:
#define EIO 5 /* I/O error */

2009-11-12 21:49:51 UTC
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Unfortunately no core dump file was created because the
ulimit value (by default)
%ulimit -a
core file size (blocks, -c) 0

I also recd suggestions from Tech Support regarding
(1) Increasing memory allocated to Backup Server
(2) Increasing ulimit stack size

I will implement these suggestions if the problem recurs.